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Most Wanted Films

(2018 UPDATE: This list is essentially complete since its posting more than 8 years ago. I’ve decided to pare it down to the handful that are left rather than leave the old list intact, since that is just confusing. I now have 99 percent of the films I had initially sought.)

Although there are still hundreds of films I am still seeking to view — this page helps me keep track of the ones I want to see the most and that seem to be the most elusive. Right now, it’s just down to these three:

* Vem domer (Love’s Crucible) (1923/Victor Sjostrom)
* Kitty (1929/Victor Saville)
* Die Ewige Maske (1936/Werner Hochbaum)

Newly acquired: * Skinner’s Dress Suit (1926/William A Seiter)

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I know where to find some of these, that is, if you’re not against downloading…

Comment by 1

“(Remember, happiness is a warm Rapidshare, Megaupload, Depositfiles, zShare, MediaFire, SendSpace, Badongo, FileFactory, NetLoad, Easy Share, Avaxhome and the formats AVI and MPEG and tons of stuff taped from Turner Classic Movies (TCM) and American Movie Classics (AMC) (back when it actually aired classics) and cheap VHS tapes and DVDs at Half Price Books and second-to-none video selection for rent at Wild & Woolly Video and mail order video rental and Netflix (at least until they started throttling me and I canceled) and public libraries and interlibrary loan and a “video enhancer” gizmo in good working order and VLC Videolan open source media player — and all those art house cinemas back when I was younger.)”
Let me re-phrase my last post – are you against torrents?

Comment by 1

Officially, I am against all of the ones that skirt legality. Read that: officially.
But realistically, yes, I fear the torrent networks.

I have no problem with sales or trades.

Comment by gravymovie

I see. Well, if you ever change your mind, feel free to email me, I have an invite lying around to this tracker somewhere…

Comment by 1

I have several of these on DVD-R e.g. MALDONE, ICE, FOUR DAYS OF NAPLES, KITTY, HOTEL DES INVALIDES. Please email me if you are still looking for them.

Comment by Simon Hartfree


This is Allan Fish from Wondersinthedark. Compiler of the Movie Timelines – note to self, must update – you so kindly listed on your blog roll.

Where are you based because I have at least 25 of these on DVD, DVDR or VHS and can sort out for you. You may prefer originals in which case for some of them I can point you in the right direction. I’ll be away from home most of next week, but I’ll get back to you as soon as I get home.

If you fancy a trade, email me at with a list of your haves and have nots and i’ll provide the same.


Comment by wondersinthedark

Misère au Borinage (and the rest of Storck’s oeuvre):

Comment by asdfdsaf

I think i found the biscuit eater, i will let u know once im sure that its the right one…maybe i can burn it for u and mail it to u if u dont mind paying a few bucks

Comment by Rats

Thank you to everyone who offered to help with finding the films, and sorry I basically have not logged in here in six years. Divorce, bankruptcy and torrid affairs with hot young women will do that sort of thing. It was all more eventful than being on here. However, looking at this list of “most wanteds” is now a bit laughable as it appears I have pretty much slayed/slain this list. I have 90 percent or more of the titles listed here now. Only a handful left. So I think we’re all good. I may leave it as some kind of historical marker of a more cinematically impoverished moment in my life. Cheers. (Gravy)

Comment by gravymovie

Hi gravymovie. Really good job with the film selection. Do you think it will be possible to buy from you Vem dömer from Sjöström?

Comment by Maria S.

That’s one of the four I don’t have. That’s why it says “most wanted films.”

Comment by gravymovie

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