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My reviews of selected films can be found at Gravy’s Movie Notes over at Blogger.

Recent Additions (Dec. 2009 / includes films relegated to “for the record” status): Outrage (1950/Ida Lupino); Beyond the Forest (1949/King Vidor); Berlin Express (1948/Jacques Tourneur); The Corn is Green (1945/Irving Rapper); Midnight Mary (1933/William Wellman); Possession (1981/Andrzej Zulawski); Angel (1982/Neil Jordan); Robin and Marian (1976/Richard Lester); Public Housing (1997/Frederick Wiseman); The Mayor of Hell (1933/Archie Mayo); The Constant Nymph (1943/Edmund Goulding); Christiane F. (1981/Uli Edel); The Hard Way (1943/Vincent Sherman); The Beach (2000/Danny Boyle); My Name is Julia Ross (1945/Joseph H. Lewis); Madonna: Truth or Dare (1991/Alek Keshishian, Mark Aldo Miceli); Bunny Lake is Missing (1965/Otto Preminger); A nos amours (1983/Maurice Pialat); Christopher Strong (1933/Dorothy Arzner); Penguin Pool Murder (1932/George Archainbaud); Casino Royale (2006/Martin Campbell); Kinsey (2004/Bill Condon); Boxing Helena (1993/Jennifer Chambers Lynch); Calle 54 (2000/Fernando Trueba); Little Dieter Needs to Fly (1997/Werner Herzog): Une si jolie petite plage (Riptide) (1949/Yves Allégret); Russian Ark (2002/Aleksandr Sokurov); Fast Food Nation (2006/Richard Linklater); The Major and the Minor (1942/Billy Wilder; second viewing);  Standing in the Shadows of Motown (2002/Paul Justman); Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (1960/Karel Reisz); Princess Mononoke (1997/Hayao Miyazaki); Steel Magnolias (1989/Herbert Ross); My Name is Joe (1998/Ken Loach); The Falcon and the Snowman (1985/John Schlesinger); Georgia (1995/Ulu Grosbard); The Waterdance (1992/Neal Jimenez, Michael Steinberg); Sommersby (1993/Jon Amiel); Urbania (2000/Jon Matthews, aka Jon Shear); The Cell (2000/Tarsem Singh); Ju-on (2002/Takashi Shimizu); Me and You and Everyone We Know (2005/Miranda July)

Recent Additions (Oct.-Nov. ’09 / includes films relegated to “for the record” status): Swing High, Swing Low (1937/Mitchell Leisen): Fourteen Hours (1951/Henry Hathaway); The Tailor of Panama (2001/John Boorman); Dark Water (2002/Hideo Nakata); The Squid and the Whale (2005/Noah Baumbach); Akira (1988/Katsuhiro Otomo); Blade (1998/Stephen Norrington); Voyage of the Damned (1976/Stuart Rosenberg); Sex (1920/Fred Niblo): The First of the Few (Spitfire) (1942/Leslie Howard); Carrington (1995/Christopher Hampton); Fool for Love (1985/Robert Altman); In the Cut (2003/Jane Campion); Frantic (1988/Roman Polanski); Wild Things (1998/John McNaugton); Naked Killer (1992/Clarence Fok Yiu-leung); The Underneath (1995/Steven Soderbergh); I am Sam (2001/Jessie Nelson); Bolero (1934/Wesley Ruggles); Eye of Vichy (1993/Claude Chabrol); The Company (2003/Robert Altman); Joe (1970/John G. Avildsen); Shoot the Piano Player (Tirez sur le pianiste) (1960/Francois Truffaut – second viewing); Les Mistons (1957/Francois Truffaut); All the Boys are Called Patrick (1957/Jean-Luc Godard); The Truth About Charlie (2002/Jonathan Demme); The Informer (1935/John Ford – third viewing); The Running Man (1987/Paul Michael Glaser); Last Summer (1969/Frank Perry); Marie Antoinette (2006/Sofia Coppola); Gia (1998/Michael Cristofer); Broken Flowers (2005/Jim Jarmusch); Femme Fatale (2002/Brian De Palma); United 93 (2006/Paul Greengrass); Miami Vice (2006/Michael Mann); Cal (1984/Pat O’Connor); Ghost in the Shell (1995/Mamoru Oshii); Bucktown (1975/Arthur Marks); Besieged (1998/Bernardo Bertolucci); Heart Like a Wheel (1983/Jonathan Kaplan); The Indian Runner (1991/Sean Penn); Black Caesar (1973/Larry Cohen); The League of Gentlemen (1960/Basil Dearden); The White Angel (1936/William Dieterle);  Banjo on My Knee (1936/John Cromwell); Ask a Policeman (1938/Marcel Varnel); You and Me (1938/Fritz Lang); Three Songs About Lenin (1934/Dziga Vertov); Beyond Rangoon (1995/John Boorman); Black Angel (1946/Roy William Neill); Love is a Many-Splendored Thing (1955/Henry King); The Golem (1915/Henrik Galeen, Paul Wegener; 4-min. surviving fragment); Battling Butler (1926/Buster Keaton); Topaze (1933/Harry d’Arrast/US version); Topaze (1933/Louis Gasnier/French version); Stolen Heaven (1931/George Abbott); The Crimson Kimono (1959/Samuel Fuller); Verboten! (1959/Samuel Fuller); The Steel Helmet (1951/Samuel Fuller/second viewing); Boule de Suif (Pyshka) (1934/Mikhail Romm); Attack (1956/Robert Aldrich); The Battle of Britain (1969/Guy Hamilton); Go West (1925/Buster Keaton); If You Could Only Cook (1935/William A. Seiter); The Glass Key (1942/Stuart Heisler); The Young in Heart (1938/Richard Wallace); Diary of a Shinjuku Thief (1968/Nagisa Oshima); The Show of Shows (1929/John G. Adolphi); The Good Companions (1933/Victor Saville); House of Rothschild (1934/Alfred Werker); Viktor und Viktoria (1933/Reinhold Schunzel); They Had to See Paris (1929/Frank Borzage); Arsene Lupin (1932/Jack Conway); Faro Dokument 1979 (1979/Ingmar Bergman); The Rains Came (1939/Clarence Brown)

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