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About Moi, somewhat

Forty-something divorced with grown children and cats suburban fallen Catholic who loves film as well as the musics Brazilian, Latin, jazz/swing, classical, pre-war blues and weird progressive rock and some guilty pleasure bubblegum. I have a collection of 4,500+ films in various formats. I have lists of all my films and music, both being obsessions. Classical music makes up about 65 percent of my collection, but Brazilian pop and jazz are making big inroads at second place. Good red wine and biking are among my other interests. I worked as a magazine editor for 22 years until I was laid off in October 2009 and have since taken up novel writing and actually completed two books and am well into two others, including a Hollywood novel. Previously I was a newspaper reporter. This blog  is helping me to manage my film viewing so that it is better documented and less chaotic. It’s harder to keep track of what I still need to see versus what I have already seen. This site takes care of that.

Thank you for stopping by. -E


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Hi. Stumbled upon your site tx to Google! Er..was wondering if you have chanced Edward Yang’s earlier films – That Day on the Beach , The Terroriser online…hope its not too off to ask….Tx..And yes have bookmarked this site! A damn neat reference…

Comment by Arthi

What an interesting site you have. Your list of movies watched is amazing! I stumbled upon it as I was doing some film research. Is it alright if I asked you a question related to pre-1960s movies?

Have you ever seen any old film/s that featured the character or visual references to the Norse god, “Thor”? In particular, I’m trying to find depictions of the character wielding his trademark hammer. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Comment by Ivan

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